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  What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) was designed in the 1980s to handle the growing number of Internet users. The Domain Name System translates names, such as, into IP addresses to enable computers to communicate with each other. DNS makes using Internet applications, such as the World Wide Web, easy. The process is as if, when phoning your friends and relatives, you could use their names instead of having to remember their phone numbers.


  Primary DNS Hosting
Optus can act as a Primary DNS host for your domain. Please note that all Primary hosted domains will automatically be configured with Secondary DNS hosting with Optus.

  Secondary DNS Hosting
If you are hosting your own Primary DNS, Optus can act as a Secondary or Tertiary DNS host for your domain.

  General Information used for DNS


If you have your own name server you can forward all requests to our non-authoritative DNS cache farm:

The DNS farm maps to sites in each capital city in Australia, with each site having a redundant load balancing cluster. Queries will be directed to the server farm from your network via the most efficient route.

Authoritative DNS servers for Primary and Secondary DNS Hosting:

Do not forward requests to the authoritative name servers as it places extra load on the servers unnecessarily. Query recursion has been disabled on dns0 and will be disabled on dns1 in the near future, therefore results may be incorrect or unavailable for domains they are not authoritative for.

If you are hosting your domain with Optus, please make sure you include NS records for both authoritative name servers, even if you are only able to list one of them in the delegation form provided by your domain registrar.


  Requsting DNS Hosting and DNS Changes
For all requests for DNS Hosting and DNS Record Changes please email the hostmaster team at

your email will be processed during business hours. and normally processed within the next business day

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